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This is the hubspot for all we do at CTE. 

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Chuck the Chachke

It's a new season, New Year, new time in your life. Are you still hanging on to the old? Have you transitioned jobs, relationships or moved locations? Are you ready for the New Year, or are you still carrying around the baggage from the old? In this 21 day course, you will get insights on how to leave the baggage of the old behind, so you can embrace the new with arms wide open! You can get details here.


Passion Posse Group

The Tribe! The Passion Posse is the place to be for getting your year in gear. Going in on a deeper level from Chuck the Chachke, we delve into who you are, what you want, and where you want to go. Are you lost after a major life event? Do you feel like you are not the same person that you were a year, or even a month ago? Would you love to be part of a synergy of women who are rocking their world? Are you on a budget? Then the Passion Posse may be the route for you. Eight weeks. Deep Dive. Clarity! Find out more information here


Passionately You VIP Coaching

Are you impatient? If you would like to see results NOW, then the VIP days may be the route for you. You get one-on-one time and get things done quickly. You will leave with actionable steps and clarity to help guide you to your Passion Path. Details are here.


  Trail of Gold Podcast

"Unearthing nuggets of truth on your path to success" is the tagline of the podcast. Each week, Stephanie interviews interesting people who have become successful~but on their own terms. Whether they went bankrupt, or had a brain injury, the interviews will help you on your path to success, whatever success means to you. You can tune in by clicking here.



Do you have an event that you need a speaker for? Stephanie has motivational speeches that may be perfect for your event. Warm, funny and connecting on a heart-to-heart level, her speeches will leave you inspired and motivated to do more with your life. She also has a presentation for Junior and High school girls which outlines the effects of Domestic Violence. You can connect here to book her.



Stephanie's first e-book, Musings of an Emerging Princess is now available on Amazon!  -->What do you do while you are recovering from a 23-year verbally abusive marriage? Musings of an Emerging Princess is a collection of the posts and stories that she wrote to assist her healing. Some of them are deep, some lighthearted, others a bit teary, but they will all give you a bit of inspiration to assist you in some way. <--  Order the book here.


Fifty50 Split

Coming soon! We are excited about this initiative. At, you will find empowerment products for women,  girls and younger ones (and some for boys). From each product sold, 50% of the profits will go to various charities that support women and girls. Get empowered! Give back!    Win-win! The site will be up soon.